Alaska Flightseeing at Kodiak Island Resort

Float plane takes Kodiak Resort guests Flightseeing.....
Float plane takes Kodiak Resort guests Flightseeing…..

May 1-2012 – Guests at Kodiak Island Resort often add a Alaska flightseeing charter to their wilderness adventure. Float planes can be chartered to pickup lodge guests right from our beach to take guests to all of the great sightseeing locations near our lodge. Favorite client sites include Geographic Bay, Frazier Lake,  Karluk River and Halo Bay.  All of these locations offer great bear viewing opportunities as well as spectacular scenery and world class salmon.

Many Alaska fishing lodges offer flightseeing but no where is there a better place to see the varieties of wildlife and majestic scenery as Kodiak Island. These flight seeing trips not only allow guests to see areas of Kodiak from a different perspective but the memories from these trips will last a lifetime. See for yourself why we think Kodiak Island Alaska is one of the very special places in all the world.