New Lodge Record.. 351 Pound Halibut !

20130727_0003 20130727_0004 20130727_0005July 24, 2013 – Sherry Marsh caught our lodge record 351 pound halibut fishing in 75 feet of water off Kodiak Island in the Shelikoff Straits 8 miles from our lodge. She was using a whole herring for bait and fishing with a Shimano Takota reel loaded with 30 pound power pro braided line.

The massive fish hit hard and fast, immediately making a long powerful run, taking nearly all the line off the reel, before Sherry could put the brakes on and turn him back towards the boat. The fight went on for more than twenty minutes with the petite angler, holding on for all she was worth, before the big fish began to tire. Finally, after a literally bruising battle, the fish was brought alongside the boat and gaffed by the captain and mate before bringing aboard.

This was Sherry’s first trip to Kodiak Island Resort Alaska Fishing Lodge but her parents have been here previously. Just to prove the first big fish was no fluke for this lady sportsman. she came back two days later and boated a 128 pound halibut as well as a 45 pound ling cod. Sherry’s catches should be an inspiration to the lady anglers contemplating an Alaska trip.

Our lodge provides all the comforts of home in our guests suites, and the girls always seen to catch more fish.