Yelloweye Rockfish… Like you’ve never seen !

Aug 14, 2013 – The Terry Finchum and Kevin Clore party from have been traveling to Alaska and Kodiak Island for the last 14 years. This year they decided to try something different and came to our lodge, to do something different. In years past they had caught lots ofYelloweye Rockfish at Kodiak Island Lodge halibut and salmon but this year wanted to catch other species. The first day we targeted Yelloweye rockfish in addition to halibut.

Yelloweye rockfish are traditionally caught in deep water over rocky bottom, preferably with sharp underwater peaks, outcroppings or ledges. We use our sophisticated sonar equipment to first locate likely areas and then to position the boat in the exact location which allows our baits to presented very near the fish. Our captains have perfected several techniques to entice these fish which are not customarily used by other fishermen.

In addition to putting the boat in the proper position we also use very light line on our reels and 8′ rods to produce maximum jigging action. The light line accomplishes two things, reduces drag in the water and also reduces visibility to the fish and the longer rods create a higher and more erratic bait presentation.

At Kodiak Island Resort we specialize in working with our groups to accomplish their own personal Alaska fishing desires and wishes of each individual.