Red Hot Ling Cod Fishing

Customers at Kodiak Island ResortLing CodAugust 1, 2013 – Ling Cod fishing in Larsen Bay is red hot right now as evidenced by the number of limits or customers are catching. Last week David and Don Sedgwick of California caught several ling cod up to 55 pounds and this week Hal Levenberg from south Florida and his party are having similar success. These fish are being caught over and old sunken fishing trawler in 175 feet of water. The fish are suckers for small Crippled Herring lures jigged in a very violent motion. We are using 20 pound monofilament line to help keep the resistance from the tidal flow to a minimum. These fish put up a tremendous battle on the light line and require a lot of angling skills to be successful.

In addition to the ling cod, lots of black rockfish have shown up and are being taken in the same area as the ling cod while using the same silver cripple herrings and jigging action. Halibut and silver salmon have been steady but yet to reach their peak.

Kodiak Island Resort Alaska fishing lodge captains pride themselves on the wide variety of fish we catch and the techniques used to take them. We are constantly trying new techniques and baits. Some are more successful than others but overall fishing in Larsen Bay is as good as anywhere in Alaska.