Silver Salmon show in mass. Fishing Red Hot!!!!!

Aug 24, 2013 – Jack and Jan Alexander teamed with John Carter, Mike Kaiser and his brother Neil to have our first big day of silver salmon fishing. Silver salmon, also known as cohos or silvers, have been trickling in for the last month but hit in mass yesterday. The silvers were big, some running close to 18 pounds.

Silver fishing should stay red hot for the next month as the fish begin their annual migration back to the Larsen Bay, Alaska streams and rivers. The fish caught yesterday were biting anything from hoochies, to wiggle warts to cripple herring to cut plug herring. Trolling produced fish in good numbers and the other anglers cast spinner baits at the school while the boat was stopped and the trolled fish were being landed.

This summer has been unusual in that both the silvers and halibut have been very late to show up in large numbers. We had an exceptionally late and cold winter so that is being attributed to most fish being late. King salmon, also called Chinook, were the exception and were right on schedule in mid-May and were caught consistently throughout June.002001