Wisconsin Anglers Score Big for a Third day!

002Aug 21, 2013 Tom Howatt, Terry Howatt, Curt Schmidt and Brandon Tubbs were inspired by master angler Jeff Verdoom to catch lots of fish at every stop today. This group of fishermen from Wisconsin has been to our Alaska Fishing Lodge,  several times previously.  They are all good fishermen but Jeff has been on fire this trip.

The party has caught ling cod, halibut, black rockfish, yelloweye rockfish, ling cod, silver and king salmon. With Jeff’s inspiration they just got out and catch fish each day. They have been using herring and sardines on their terminal halibut rigs and 16 ounce cripple herring to land the lings and rockfish.

The weather has been somewhat tough this week but we have been able to find calm waters and have one of our better group catches this week. Fishing should continue good for the next few weeks as the fish pack on the wait in anticipation of winter.