Unprecedented King Salmon Run Continues!

Now into t013he second week, an unprecedented number of King Salmon (also called Chinook) continue to be caught by guests at Kodiak Island Resort. Mid August is usually the peak season for silver salmon and this year is no different except for the late summer kings also taking up residence. For the last 10 days we have been catching way more kings than silvers and not because the silvers are not biting. The kings are just more plentiful and aggressive. We are trolling at higher than usual speeds and the kings are beating the silvers to the baits. When  we slow down the silvers seem to bite more often. It is a great problem, when you have to decide to release king salmon or try another type of fishing.002
Steve Woodard and Mark Paxton lead a group of anglers up this week for four days of fishing and reaped the rewards of being here at the right time. The run may end tomorrow but when it does no one will complain. This run of kings has been a very pleasant surprise for both the guests as well as the crew.