Ling Cod Fall Feeding Frenzy!

Ling Cod from Larsen BayLing Cod are feeding very aggressively right now as they try to pack on weight for the coming winter. . Chris Conway, Aniel Poonai and Buck Buckley caught several including one that topped out over 70 pounds. The ling cod are being caught on rock piles and vertical rock walls while we are fishing for black rockfish. The ling are taking 4 ounce Candlefish jigs but are also a by catch of an unsuspecting who previously hooked a rockfish the ling cod had targeted for dinner. In addition to the lings and rockfish, halibut and silver salmon remain very strong as we head into September. Fishing in the early fall is always good and this season seems to be shaping up as one of the best.

News Flash…

Silver salmon arrive in mass!
Mike Douglas, Ken Whittington, Steven Blake, Brad Tollefson Galen and Jon Pate found the silver salmon fishing red hot during their recent visit to Kodiak Island Resort. King salmon had been pushing the silvers out for the last couple of weeks but the sheer numbers of the feisty cohos have finally overwhelmed the out number kings. While we are still catching feeder kings in the 15-20 pound range silvers are now reighning supreme.
In addition to limits of silvers we are also taking plenty of halibut, yelloweye rockfish and ling cod. August and September are the best months for lots of action and a wide variety of different fish. The fall fishing in Larsen Bay is hard to beat!