Alaska Travels


dogsledWhen you think of Alaska you think of beautiful terrains and nature at its simplest and finest. When you book a trip to Alaska you are truly unlocking the key to paradise. Alaska is just a plane or boat ride away and once you arrive you will be surprise by all of what the state has to offer.

Getting to Alaska:

Getting to Alaska is easy when you know how to get there; there are multiple ways to travel to the last Frontier. If you choose to fly to the state you can travel using: Alaska, American, Continental, Delta, Northwest, or United Airlines.seaplane

You can also travel to Alaska by cruise ship. These cruise ships usually port in Vancouver or Seattle.  Cruise ship companies that currently service Alaska include but are not limited to Royal Caribbean, Princess, and Norwegian Cruise Line.

Once you arrive in Alaska, Ferry travel is very common to journey to places that commercial airlines do not service. The ferry system is called the Alaska Marine Highway System and it runs year round and even makes trips from Washington State.

Once you arrive in Alaska you will find a plethora of things to do.


Things to do in Alaska

There are many outdoor activities and sites to see all over the great state of Alaska. Alaska has culture, art, history, hiking, cruises, fishing, shopping, dining, shows, sightseeing, winter activities and wildlife viewing. Some of our favorite things to do in Alaska include the following;

1.  Visit Kodiak National Wildlife Refuge. The Refuge surrounds Larsen Bay and is filled with mountains, interesting wildlife, bald eagles, and plenty of Kodiak brown bears. While there is not a road into the refuge the perhaps best way to view the refuge is by boat or plane.

2. Fishing in the famous Karluk River. Larsen Bay is home to one of the most well known fishing spots for salmon in the world. The best way to fish on this River is by a floatplane or rafts.

aurora-borealis3.  Viewing the Northern Lights in the winter. The most popular destination for viewing the lights is Fairbanks, where the lights are often the brightest. If you want to travel to Alaska to see the Northern Lights you will need to travel close to September 22nd or March 22nd. The lights occur early in the morning or late at night. Ester Dome, in Fairbanks is one of the best places to view the lights away from the city.

4.  Dog Sledding. Between May-September dog sledding takes place in Fairbanks through guided tours. Blue Kennels and Dog Sled Trips in Fairbanks is a great place to get some dog sledding in on your trip to Alaska.

5.  ATV excursions. Taking out an ATV can be a fun way to see the terrain of the town you wish to visit. Most cities/towns provide these services.sightseeing_alaska

6.  Kayaking. Sometimes the best way to experience the serenity of outdoor living in Alaska is by kayaking. You will be surprised as to how much wildlife you will see on your kayaking trip – plus its great exercise!

7. Photography. Alaska is a photographer’s paradise. From the immense wildlife to the majestic and beautiful terrain, the photos you capture here will be unlike you have ever taken.

8. Hiking. There are many terrains to hike here in Alaska. You can choose your hiking trail depending on your comfort level. It is a great way to connect back with nature and view some of what Alaska has to offer up close and personal.

9. Charter a boat. Chartering your own boat is a great way to fish and see wildlife from the coastline.

10. Go see some bears! It is a life-changing experience to view a bear in its natural habitat. Make sure that you consult with a ranger when you go on your excursion to view these prestigious animals.


No matter where you travel to in Alaska. There is always something fun and exciting waiting for you to explore!