July Fishing Update For Kodiak Resort, Larsen Bay, AK

two anglers from Kodiak Resort, Larsen Bay, Kodiak Island, AK holding Lingcod

Lingcod fishing has been in full swing as of July 1 which was opening day. These prehistoric looking fish never disappoint and are amazing to eat. The limit on these monsters is two per person per day. Clients are still limiting out or catching as much as they want to take home on all other bottom fish species. The new phrase they are using is “catching” instead of “fishing” because that is what happens here when we go out on the water.

Kings are still being caught but the chum salmon should be showing up anytime to the local village river. If you haven’t caught a chum on the fly or spinning rod, you are simply missing out.  These bruisers are underrated as a sport fish, and I would argue that pound for pound they will put up a bigger fight than most kings.

Sockeye’s have been showing up around the bays. Fish and game reported almost 200 thousand into the Karluk River this past week. These are a little bit more of an oily fish and one of our favorites to eat.

Going over to Katmai National Park this last weekend both of our boats where entertained by the largest pod of Orcas we have ever seen. The largest of the pack was leading the group in a V formation while all of them danced for us for almost 30 minutes. Nothing more than spectacular!

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    Kodiak Island Resort – June Update

    Kodiak bear viewing

    The Fishing Capital of the world, Alaska, has not been disappointing us at all.  All our guests are continuing to catch so much Halibut we released back dozens last week. 

    The Chinook (King) Salmon are continuing to show up more and more each day.  Every group had the opportunity to reel in the allusive King Salmon last week and they never disappoint. 

    The YellowEye/Tiger rock fish are not only one of the most beautiful fish in the sea, but they are also one of the oldest fish.  We have had multiple rockfish well over 100 years old last week.  They are a true trophy and many of our customers have been getting them mounted for their office or home.

    The sea otters and sea lions are out in full force.  We are seeing dozens every day. The whales and dolphins never get old and we have had them chasing our boats and playing in the waves multiple times last week. We even have a couple of River Otters that hang in our Bay. There is also a fox that is our cabin mascot, Foxy comes by to say hi most every morning.

    We are starting to see more bears playing on the beach, some even with cubs following right behind.  Like we mentioned last week, Pink Salmon will be showing up soon which will increase bear sightings all around the Kodiak Island.

    The weather has been averaging 60 to 65 degrees with partly blue skies for many weeks now. The seas have been so amazing we have been able to get to a place called Geographic Bay which is in the Katmai National Park.  (Google this and see how amazing it is https://www.nps.gov/katm/index.htm)
    Geographic Bay is so unique you will rarely ever see another boat or person.   We are finding new fishing holes every time we go over there, some we honestly believe that have never been fished before.

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      Halibut and Salmon Action – June, 2022

      Kodiak Island fisherman standing by their catch of the day

      The Halibut are biting in full force out in Shelikof Strait. We had 4 fish around 70lbs and 2 weighing about 40lbs yesterday. All our guests have been getting their limits or as much fish as they planned to bring home

      The Chinook Salmon are gobbling up baits and lures as they prepare for their summer run. 7 King Salmons were caught with one being around 30lbs.

      The Rockfish have been plentiful including some near records taken. The other day we had a 32 and 33 inch YellowEye caught by our guests.

      We are seeing plenty of fin whales, dolphins and occasionally we will even see Orca’s.

      The bears are starting to come out as we have seen fresh tracks and scat on our local roads. The Pink Salmon will be showing up soon which will increase bear sightings all around the Kodiak Island

      The weather has been averaging 60 to 65 degrees with partly blue skies for many weeks now. The seas have been averaging from 1 to 3ft and we have been able to get out to fish everyday.

      Come join us and get in on the action!

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        Make Your Reservations NOW for the 2022 Season

        Kodiak Resort Lodge with Seaplane

        The major renovations have been completed, and we now have a New Fish Processing Center with new freezers, stainless steel tables and the best vacuum sealing machines in the market.

        We will be open this year from May through September for fishing. The Lectric eBikes where a huge hit in 2021 and will be back in 2022. Don’t miss out and get your All Inclusive Alaska Trip Booked Now.

        Alaska’s Kodiak Resort Spools Up For Our 2021 Season

        Kodiak Resort 2021 Announcement

        We’re Sprucing Up!

        We’re building on our legacy of “luxury” in the wild. Lodge renovations are underway, including a carpet upgrade, and a new commercial kitchen. You’re going to feel right at home, enjoying your down-time relaxing and reliving the adventures of your day, while enjoying the delights flowing from renowned chef Jeremy Caprari’s kitchen into our spacious dining room.

        Unforgettable Fishing

        Captain Jim Rinckey, master guide, and one of the most knowledgeable mariners in his field, returns for his 11th year at Kodiak Resort. His easy going cheerfulness compliments his talent at targeting fish, making each trip a day to remember – And, your arms tired. Your catch each day is in-the-bag with Jim in the wheelhouse.

        Plus, in addition to our tried and true 36 foot long, 14 foot wide beam cat, we’re adding a new world-class North River 33 luxury fishing boat to compliment the fleet. You’re just not going to want your day on the water to end.

        New Adventures Abound

        Have someone in your group who yearns for something more? Oh, we’ve got you covered! We’re also adding a fleet of kayaks, and even “pedal assist”, battery powered, ebikes for trekking, beach exploring, remote river fishing, or just a fun cruise down to the vintage cannery store.

        Oh yes, don’t forget about bear viewing, eagle spotting, fly fishing, hiking, and more!

        Introducing Bob Gerondale

        We’ve saved the best for last… If you’re wondering why all these great things are happening, you have only to look to Bob Gerondale, avid outdoorsman, and the new owner of Kodiak Resort.

        Bob Gerondale

        Bob’s career includes working on the Trans Alaska Pipeline, general contracting, and partner of a multi-million dollar heavy construction machinery dealership. He’s decision to continue his personal adventure as owner operator of Kodiak Resort represents fulfilling a life long dream of sharing his love of fishing, and the finest Alaska experience with others.

        “Four generations of Gerondales have made their home in Alaska… (Whether they know it or not, my two children and five grandchildren will all be helping me out with the lodge!) I have spent decades fishing many places throughout Alaska and have had the opportunity to stay at many of the different lodges. I’ve had my own boats for over 30 years and have enjoyed many a day on Alaska’s waters.

        When it comes to sharing our Alaska experience with you, here at Kodiak Resort. Our commitment is to continuine to maintain the lodge’s existing reputation for high standards of adventure wrapped in comfort, great food, incredible fishing, all while finding new ways to enhance your stay.

        Looking forward to meeting you here, at the lodge.”


        Please reach out and let us know about your plans to visit…

        For more information, or reservations please call 833-347-4907

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          Visiting Alaska

          Alaska highway and mountains

          Alaska is an incredibly beautiful place that can be the perfect rejuvenating vacation for you. Unlike most of the commercial states of the United States, Alaska is the perfect combination of natural beauty and uninhabited nature to calm your mind and body. With no road access, this beautiful place is a scenic destination to be enjoyed for a long time. You can enjoy sports such as whale watching, cruises, sightseeing, and more, depending on time availability. Regardless of what you choose to see, the beauty of Alaska is sure to cast a fascinating spell on your senses. Here are some suggestions for places you can visit in Alaska.

          Tracy Arm Fjord

          Popular with cruise ships and boats, this beautiful spot is adorned with waterfalls and surrounded by glaciers. Located in the heart of the Tongass National Forest, it is just one of the many attractions of the Alaska Glacier. The highlight of this place is the twin Sawyer glaciers at the head of this fjord.

          Alaska Marine Highway

          The Alaska Marine Highway is undoubtedly the most unique in the world. Its landscape is certainly fascinating. How many other roads can you drive and see, often at the same time, snow-capped mountain peaks, ice age glaciers, hemlock, and spruce-covered slopes, tranquil fjords, beaches, and streams? Where else can you see otters feeding on groups of algae, sea lions, orcas? almost in the distance, seabirds and white-tailed eagles sitting in their nests, looking into the distance?

          Northern Lights

          For those visiting Alaska in winter, this is a sight not to be missed. In the dark winter months of September through April, the Alaskan skies are periodically illuminated with beautiful lights at night. It is fascinating to see how the sky takes on impressive colors as a result of the influence of the Earth’s magnetic field on celestial particles.

          Alaska State Museum

          The Alaska State Museum offers a wonderful and permanent exhibit on the area’s indigenous peoples, the natural history of the area with various temporary exhibits throughout the year. On the first floor of the building, there are ethnographic galleries where you can find information about the Aleutian, Athabaskan,s, and Inuit inhabitants. Aleut exhibits a wonderful and remarkable collection of baskets made from beach grass, while Athabaskan exhibits a collection of arrows, snowshoes, and masks.

          Alaska zoo

          During a traveler’s stay in Alaska, there are many opportunities to view wildlife in its natural environment. If you’ve missed something or if a tourist needs more of these activities, a visit to the Alaska Zoo in Anchorage is a great idea. The zoo has a wide variety of animals, including mountain goats, black bears, polar bears, brown bears, musk oxen, wolves, sheep, elk, and caribou.

          Denali National Park

          Most visitors to Denali National Park and Preserve limit their visit to the park’s developed and crowded entrance. A more adventurous trip to Kantishna at the end of one of the best walks in the world, Denali Park Road. Winding through the Alaska Range in the center of the park, this exciting tour offers the best opportunity to see the wildlife that makes the Denali area so memorable.

          Glacier Bay

          Glacier Bay is one of Alaska’s national parks that is open year-round, but during the winter season services are limited to certain essential services when weather permits. The park includes glaciers, a rich and varied species of wild animals and plants, very deep fjords, coastal areas with ocean shores, and snow-capped mountains. The freshwater lakes and streams make fishing in the park an incredible experience.

          Alaska Travel Guide

          Traveling to and within Alaska is often the cheapest and easiest way by air. In fact, Lake Hood in Alaska is the busiest seaplane base in the world. The advantage of flying around Alaska is that it is a fast mode of transportation and also offers a panoramic view of some of the most amazing landscapes in the world on Earth.

          If you prefer to drive to Alaska, then your main route is probably the Alaska Highway connecting Canada and Alaska. However, most of Alaska’s highway networks have pedestrian and bicycle trails alongside major highways. ATVs are fast becoming a preferred means of getting around Alaska. Trains are also used to easily get to some places. If you have the opportunity to take a train tour, you will not regret it.

          These are just a few of the must-see tourist destinations in Alaska. You can plan a more detailed itinerary at your convenience and include several other locations to make the most of your Alaska vacation.

          July 2019

          July 2019 Fishing Report for Kodiak Alaska

          July 2019 Fishing Report for Kodiak AlaskaKing Salmon fishing has been very good this season. Our groups are limiting out on kings, nice size halibut, ling cod and yelloweye rockfish on many of the trips we are taking. Additionally, we have found an unprecedented number (at least for our lodge) of tanner or snow crabs. The crabs are being caught in large numbers very near the lodge in 180 feet of water. As the water continues to warm up we expect the fishing to stay red hot!