Big Fish Season!

277 lb Alaska Halibut

September 10, 2014 – 277 lb Alaska HalibutFall is big fish season and the fish are on a feeding frenzy to pack on weight for the coming winter. Gerry Jones of Cape Girado, MO. landed the 277 pound halibut, pictured above, after a 1 1/2 hour battle on a whole herring for bait. The big fish was taken from the very same spot as our lodge record (361 pounds) was caught last September. Gerry did a great job fighting the fish, which took all the line off the reel twice causing the boat to have to follow in pursuit. Halibut fishing has been very strong this September, along with ling cod, yelloweye rockfish and silver salmon. The silvers have slowed some from their peak but are still being taken on cut plug herring, slow trolled behind flashers.

Ling Cod Fall Feeding Frenzy!

Ling Cod from Larsen BayLing Cod are feeding very aggressively right now as they try to pack on weight for the coming winter. . Chris Conway, Aniel Poonai and Buck Buckley caught several including one that topped out over 70 pounds. The ling cod are being caught on rock piles and vertical rock walls while we are fishing for black rockfish. The ling are taking 4 ounce Candlefish jigs but are also a by catch of an unsuspecting who previously hooked a rockfish the ling cod had targeted for dinner. In addition to the lings and rockfish, halibut and silver salmon remain very strong as we head into September. Fishing in the early fall is always good and this season seems to be shaping up as one of the best.

News Flash…

Silver salmon arrive in mass!
Mike Douglas, Ken Whittington, Steven Blake, Brad Tollefson Galen and Jon Pate found the silver salmon fishing red hot during their recent visit to Kodiak Island Resort. King salmon had been pushing the silvers out for the last couple of weeks but the sheer numbers of the feisty cohos have finally overwhelmed the out number kings. While we are still catching feeder kings in the 15-20 pound range silvers are now reighning supreme.
In addition to limits of silvers we are also taking plenty of halibut, yelloweye rockfish and ling cod. August and September are the best months for lots of action and a wide variety of different fish. The fall fishing in Larsen Bay is hard to beat!

Unprecedented King Salmon Run Continues!

Now into t013he second week, an unprecedented number of King Salmon (also called Chinook) continue to be caught by guests at Kodiak Island Resort. Mid August is usually the peak season for silver salmon and this year is no different except for the late summer kings also taking up residence. For the last 10 days we have been catching way more kings than silvers and not because the silvers are not biting. The kings are just more plentiful and aggressive. We are trolling at higher than usual speeds and the kings are beating the silvers to the baits. When  we slow down the silvers seem to bite more often. It is a great problem, when you have to decide to release king salmon or try another type of fishing.002
Steve Woodard and Mark Paxton lead a group of anglers up this week for four days of fishing and reaped the rewards of being here at the right time. The run may end tomorrow but when it does no one will complain. This run of kings has been a very pleasant surprise for both the guests as well as the crew.

Late Season King Surprise!!

King Salmon
King SalmonMany of our recent guests have been pleasantly surprised by an un-precedented run of king salmon, so far this month.  Guests including Steve & Denise Bubar, Dale Barnhart and Stewart & Susan Dalby choose to visit our lodge in August and September to take advantage of the silver salmon run. So far this summer the silvers have been slow to appear but the kings have adequately and surprising filled in for the late arriving silvers. While the kings we are catching are not the fully matured spawners they are running between 10 and 20 pounds on average with a few 30 – 40 pounders around to keep up the excitement.
The silver fishing has been steady but not spectacular so far. Halibut fishing has really been outstanding with catches of 40 -60 fish a day not uncommon. Most of the halibut are averaging around 30 pounds with an occasional 100 pounder mixed in.
Overall fishing could not get much better right now. many of our guests are complaining about sore arms yet they always manage to keep putting fish on the deck.

WOW ! Second Largest King Salmon

Billy O'Malley's 68 Pound King Salmon bAug. 3rd, 2014 – Eleven year old Billy O’Malley of Hinsdale, IL. caught the second biggest king salmon ever taken at Kodiak Island Resort today. The fish weighed 39 pounds 8 ounces when weighed at the lodge. Billy weighs in at 68 pounds and found this huge king to be a terrific fighter. The big fish made two long runs dumping the reel all the way to the spindle twice. Get battle and great fun for everyone including Billy’s father Bill Uncle Paul and older cousin Nick. I addition to the monster king salmon the party also caught a limit oh halibut and 10 coho salmon in addition to several tanner crabs. The weather was a balmy 72 degrees with clear skies and lots of sunshine. Nothing beats Kodiak Island weather and fishing in August.

Captain Joe’s Greatest catch!!

photoCaptain Joe and girlfriend Jenny are the proud parents of a newly born daughter. Beautiful baby Madison was delivered on 7/28/14 in Naples, FL and welcomed by two excited and loving parents. Madison was 20 inches long and weighed 7 pounds four ounces at birth. There have been many great memories at Kodiak Island Resort over the last nine years but nothing comes close to the feelings a new born granddaughter evokes. I am overwhelmed with emotions and proud to be a granddad to such a precious being.  All of us at the lodge wish Madison and her parents a happy and prosperous future. Great Job Guys!!!!


From a recent visitor..



Thank you for your hospitality… It was a really nice time.

Your staff was always kind and attentive, and the fishing was great. But your staff was what made it special.  Fishing can be great anywhere and I have been places where the fishing could be termed “better”.  But nowhere was the staff providing the services better.  That takes the discussion to a whole new level of how your facility stacks against others in the same business.

Take care
Daniel Morenings

Minnesota Family Scores Reef Fish Grand Slam!

Reef Fish Grand Slam by Jim Thibodeau

Reef Fish Grand Slam by Jim ThibodeauJim Thibodeau and sons Troy and Chad from Minneapolis just completed another visit to Alaska’s Kodiak Island Resort with great flair. The guys enjoyed everything we have to offer including a killer whale show, seeing a mama brown bear and two cubs, digging limit of razor clams, catching another limit of tanner crabs and capping off their visit with an Alaska reef fish grand slam on their last day. Jim lead the way with a 115 pound halibut and 40 pound ling cod and they each caught a 20 pound yelloweye rockfish in addition to limits of halibut and black rockfish.

This was their second visit to our lodge and they vow to fish with our charter business in Naples, FL this winter. This is a great family and the type which makes our job so great. They enjoyed everything we offered and we enjoyed equally showing them everything we could in our special area.

Yelloweye Rockfish

Yelloweye RockfishJames Hiemstra from California caught this nice  on a 4 ounce Crippled Herring jig. He was vertical jigging in 150 feet of water when the fish hit. We catch lots of Yelloweye when they are targeted with our biggest to date being a whopping 31 pounds.

New King Salmon Lodge Record !

Lodge Record King Salmon

Lodge Record King Salmon Lodge Record King SalmonJune 24, 2014 – Two lodge records were established yesterday on Captain Joe’s 37th birthday. Victor Harten from Azle Texas boated a 37 pound king salmon to set the lodge record for biggest king ever taken by a lodge guest. Less than 30 minutes later Ken Carson of Fort Worth shattered Victor’s record by landing a 41 pound trophy king salmon. Both fish were taken on slow trolled cut/plug herring. For the day the party had six total kings plus 10 halibut up to 35 pounds. Not bad for two Texas bass fisherman.

Happy birthday to Capt. Joe!