Great Kodiak Island Yelloweye Rockfish fishing!

Bob Arnold, Bob Holl and Justin Rogers show off three trophy size yelloweye rockfish!!!
Bob Arnold, Bob Holl and Justin Rogers show off three trophy size yelloweye rockfish!!!

Sep[ember 3, 2013 – Bob Arnold, Bob Holl and Justin Rogers show off three trophy size yelloweye rockfish they caught today while fishing for halibut in 175 feet of water. Several more yelloweye, ling cod and halbut were caught by those pictured along with other group members Brian Holl, Jan and Shelby Johnson.

The group was fishing along a vertical wall that required the boat to be anchored in the exact location. Our 50 long catamaran built by Allen Marine in Sitka is the perfect boat for this type of fishing. Clients are able to scatter around the entire boat while fishing, thus reducing chances to tangle.

September fishing at our Alaska fishing lodge has been red hot as evidenced by the recent catches shown in the latest news section of our website.

Anglers like the two Bobs not only appreciate the great Alaska fishing but also the gourmet meals prepared by our chef and extremely comfortable beds and guest suites.

Great first day of Alaska fishing for this mid western group!

Great First day for this mid western group!
Great First day for this mid western group!

September 2, 2013 – Justin Rogers, Jan, Bob, Shelby Arnold of Michigan with Brian and Bob Holl of Chicago stand in front of their catch after their first day of fishing at our Alaska fishing lodge, Kodiak Island Resort.

Bob Arnold of Adrian Michigan has been to Kodiak island resort several times previously but decided to bring his wife, daughter and prospective son-in-law Justin to let them see how wonderful fishing can be in Kodiak Island.  This is Brian and Bob’s first trip to Kodiak Island Resort.

The halibut were caught using Diawa rods and reels with cut herring as bait. The yelloweye rockfish were taken on 20 pound line using Shimano jig rods and cripple herring plugs for bait.

Larsen Bay Alaska Ling Cod Extravagaza!!!!!

Ling Cod are on a feeding frenzy in Larsen Bay, Alaska. Mike Kaiser poses by some of the huge ling cod we caught today.
Best Ling Cod Fishing in Alaska!
Ling Cod fishing in Larsen Bay Alaska has been red hot this August.
Best Ling Cod catch ever for Kodiak Island Resort!


Captains Joe Walburn and Jim Rinckey struggle to posh for this photo op holding to 70 plus pund ling cods.
Captains Joe Walburn and Jim Rinckey struggle to posh for this photo op holding to 70 plus pund ling cods.

Aug 28, 2013  Neil Kaiser caught a 75 pound ling cod today which is the biggest ever taken at our lodge, Kodiak Island Resort. Neil’s brother Mike, along with John Carter and Jack and Jan Alexander all caught limits of ling cod, as well as halibut, yelloweye rockfish and coho salmon.

Neil caught his big ling cod in 175 feet of water near a steep dropoff using a 16 ounce cripple herring. The big fellow fell for the jug as it was being ripped up and down in a furious motion. Some of the other cod were also caught on cripple herrings as well as conventional 16 ounce white bucktail jigs.

For whatever reason bing lings have been on a feeding frenzy these last few days but today tops all others. The fish taken today were all large and caught in very short period of time. We were hoping to catch halibut at this dropoff but the ling cod were not to be denied.

Unbelievable Ling Cod Fishing!!

Jan Alexander as usual had another spectacular fishing day at Kodiak Island resort today.
Lady Angler Has Impressive Day!

August 27, 2013 – Jack and Jan Alexander teamed with the Mike Kaiser party to catch limits of ling cod to 50 pounds, along with several large silver salmon, yelloweye rockfish and halibut. The fishing is very good right now in Larsen Bay Alaska. The weather has also been spectacular and the late summer feeding frenzy should continue.

Ling Cod and silver salmon Fishing is as good as it gets In Larsen Bay Alaska right now.
Ling Cod and silver salmon Fishing is as good as it gets In Larsen Bay Alaska right now.

Silver Salmon show in mass. Fishing Red Hot!!!!!

Aug 24, 2013 – Jack and Jan Alexander teamed with John Carter, Mike Kaiser and his brother Neil to have our first big day of silver salmon fishing. Silver salmon, also known as cohos or silvers, have been trickling in for the last month but hit in mass yesterday. The silvers were big, some running close to 18 pounds.

Silver fishing should stay red hot for the next month as the fish begin their annual migration back to the Larsen Bay, Alaska streams and rivers. The fish caught yesterday were biting anything from hoochies, to wiggle warts to cripple herring to cut plug herring. Trolling produced fish in good numbers and the other anglers cast spinner baits at the school while the boat was stopped and the trolled fish were being landed.

This summer has been unusual in that both the silvers and halibut have been very late to show up in large numbers. We had an exceptionally late and cold winter so that is being attributed to most fish being late. King salmon, also called Chinook, were the exception and were right on schedule in mid-May and were caught consistently throughout June.002001

These Wisconsin Boys Go Four for Four!!!!

001Aug 22, 2013 Tom Howatt and his party flew into Alaska’s Kodiak island Resort on Sunday 8/18/13 aboard a private charter PC-12 Pilatus owned by Ryan Air based in Anchorage. They will be departing this afternoon 8/22/13 on the same aircraft but considerably heavier. These guys inspired and mentored by trip Guru Jeff Verdoom have caught lots of halibut and ling cod all four days they have been here.

Group members Curt Schmidt and Terry Howatt took their ques from Jeff and limited on nice halibut each and every day.  Group rookie Boyd Tubbs on his first Alaska fishing trip to an full service Alaska Fishing Lodge did fantastic as well, catching all sorts of fish.

On Thursday, the group’s last day of fishing in Alaska, Brandon caught the biggest ling cod of the trip a 65 pound bruser on a 16 ounce Crippled Herring. This fish was taken in a 185 feet of water along a rocky ledge.

While not all trips to Alaska fishing lodges are as productive as the Howatt party’s, it is not uncommon either. This was a great group of people enjoying a great Alaska fishing vacation!!!

Wisconsin Anglers Score Big for a Third day!

002Aug 21, 2013 Tom Howatt, Terry Howatt, Curt Schmidt and Brandon Tubbs were inspired by master angler Jeff Verdoom to catch lots of fish at every stop today. This group of fishermen from Wisconsin has been to our Alaska Fishing Lodge,  several times previously.  They are all good fishermen but Jeff has been on fire this trip.

The party has caught ling cod, halibut, black rockfish, yelloweye rockfish, ling cod, silver and king salmon. With Jeff’s inspiration they just got out and catch fish each day. They have been using herring and sardines on their terminal halibut rigs and 16 ounce cripple herring to land the lings and rockfish.

The weather has been somewhat tough this week but we have been able to find calm waters and have one of our better group catches this week. Fishing should continue good for the next few weeks as the fish pack on the wait in anticipation of winter.

Once in a Blue Moon Fishing Day!!!!

Tom Howatt Alaska fishing Lodge
Aug 20, 2013This Wisconsin group of anglers, lead by Tom Howatt, went fishing on Blue Moon Monday and scored a triple limit on fish today at Kodiak Island Resort in Larsen Bay, Alaska. These experienced fisherman caught a limit of Yelloweye rockfish, ling cod and halibut to go along with several species of rockfish in addition to silver and salmon.
Tom Howatt Alaska fishing LodgeThe fishing was red hot all day long and most of the fish were caught in 150 feet of water using both natural baits as well as 16 ounce jigs. Fishing this time of year in Larsen Bay is always good but today’s blue moon must have really put these Alaska fish into a feeding frenzy.
Everybody had a great time and celebrated back at the lodge.

Yelloweye Rockfish… Like you’ve never seen !

Yelloweye Rockfish at Kodiak Island Lodge

Aug 14, 2013 – The Terry Finchum and Kevin Clore party from have been traveling to Alaska and Kodiak Island for the last 14 years. This year they decided to try something different and came to our lodge, to do something different. In years past they had caught lots ofYelloweye Rockfish at Kodiak Island Lodge halibut and salmon but this year wanted to catch other species. The first day we targeted Yelloweye rockfish in addition to halibut.

Yelloweye rockfish are traditionally caught in deep water over rocky bottom, preferably with sharp underwater peaks, outcroppings or ledges. We use our sophisticated sonar equipment to first locate likely areas and then to position the boat in the exact location which allows our baits to presented very near the fish. Our captains have perfected several techniques to entice these fish which are not customarily used by other fishermen.

In addition to putting the boat in the proper position we also use very light line on our reels and 8′ rods to produce maximum jigging action. The light line accomplishes two things, reduces drag in the water and also reduces visibility to the fish and the longer rods create a higher and more erratic bait presentation.

At Kodiak Island Resort we specialize in working with our groups to accomplish their own personal Alaska fishing desires and wishes of each individual.

Red Hot Ling Cod Fishing

Ling Cod

Customers at Kodiak Island ResortLing CodAugust 1, 2013 – Ling Cod fishing in Larsen Bay is red hot right now as evidenced by the number of limits or customers are catching. Last week David and Don Sedgwick of California caught several ling cod up to 55 pounds and this week Hal Levenberg from south Florida and his party are having similar success. These fish are being caught over and old sunken fishing trawler in 175 feet of water. The fish are suckers for small Crippled Herring lures jigged in a very violent motion. We are using 20 pound monofilament line to help keep the resistance from the tidal flow to a minimum. These fish put up a tremendous battle on the light line and require a lot of angling skills to be successful.

In addition to the ling cod, lots of black rockfish have shown up and are being taken in the same area as the ling cod while using the same silver cripple herrings and jigging action. Halibut and silver salmon have been steady but yet to reach their peak.

Kodiak Island Resort Alaska fishing lodge captains pride themselves on the wide variety of fish we catch and the techniques used to take them. We are constantly trying new techniques and baits. Some are more successful than others but overall fishing in Larsen Bay is as good as anywhere in Alaska.