Lady Angler from Texas ropes another big one!

Sherry Marsh stands by another big catch!
Sherry Marsh stands by another big catch!

July 25,2013 – Sherry Marsh caught a Kodiak Island Resort Lodge record 351 pound halibut yesterday and came back with a 128 monster today. Her boyfriend and dad are working hard trying to figure out her secrets. The whole family actually has had one of the best Alaska fishing trips you could hope to obtain at an Alaskan fishing lodge. They have caught lots of big halibut, ling cod, yelloweye rockfish and king salmon.

Much of the fishing success we have here in Larsen bay can be attributed to our custom built Allen Marine catamaran and sophisticated marine electronics made by Furuno, Simrad and Olex. Our electronics allows us to locate the areas where the fish frequent and then helps us keep the 40 foot catamaran anchored over the precise location.

New Lodge Record.. 351 Pound Halibut !

20130727_0003 20130727_0004 20130727_0005July 24, 2013 – Sherry Marsh caught our lodge record 351 pound halibut fishing in 75 feet of water off Kodiak Island in the Shelikoff Straits 8 miles from our lodge. She was using a whole herring for bait and fishing with a Shimano Takota reel loaded with 30 pound power pro braided line.

The massive fish hit hard and fast, immediately making a long powerful run, taking nearly all the line off the reel, before Sherry could put the brakes on and turn him back towards the boat. The fight went on for more than twenty minutes with the petite angler, holding on for all she was worth, before the big fish began to tire. Finally, after a literally bruising battle, the fish was brought alongside the boat and gaffed by the captain and mate before bringing aboard.

This was Sherry’s first trip to Kodiak Island Resort Alaska Fishing Lodge but her parents have been here previously. Just to prove the first big fish was no fluke for this lady sportsman. she came back two days later and boated a 128 pound halibut as well as a 45 pound ling cod. Sherry’s catches should be an inspiration to the lady anglers contemplating an Alaska trip.

Our lodge provides all the comforts of home in our guests suites, and the girls always seen to catch more fish.

Aussie family scores big on their Alaskan Adventure!

Greg Clark and his sons from Australia visited Kodiak Island this July.
Aussies Score big on their father son Alaska adventure!

July 7, 2013 – Greg Clark from Australia brought his two sons to our Alaska fishing lodge on Kodiak Island. They spent three days with us catching lots of halibut, ling cod, rockfish and king salmon. The two young Aussies were very experienced anglers and caught their share of the fish.

After three days of fishing, they flew a Pilatus PC-12, owned by Ryan Air of Anchorage, Alaska, out of Larsen Bay back to the Anchorage jet port. They then boarded an Alaska Airlines jet bound first for San Francisco and then on to Hiwaii for marlin fishing.


Biggest Yelloweye Rockfish for 2013!

Rockfish King for 2013 at Kodiak Resort!!
Rockfish King for 2013 at Kodiak Resort!!

June 23, 2012 – Bob Schrader from Katy, Texas landed this giant yelloweye rockfish using a cripple herring while fishing aboard our Allen marine catamaran boat. Bob took the yelloweye the first day of his trip to Kodiak Island Resort while fishing with his son and wife Donna.

The very next day Bob came back and caught the twin of this nearly 30 pound bruser. We catch lots of big yelloweye and other species of rockfish in the Sheilikof Straits most often by jigging cripple herring or rubber tail jigs.

We have plenty of room for anglers to scatter around on our comfortable 40 foot catamaran charter fishing boat. The boat was custom made in Sitka, Alaska for Kodiak Island Resort and was re-powered with new 250 HP Yamaha outboards in 2013.

Great Spring King Salmon Haul!!

Spring Kings with plenty of halibut and yelloweye rockfish!
Spring Kings with plenty of halibut and yelloweye rockfish!

May 29, 2013 – Nico Somorakis and Kent Studebaker pose by a nice mixed bag of fish, highlighted by a limit of saltwater run King Salmon. Many folks that visit our Alaska fishing lodge are impressed with the early spring King salmon fishing in Larsen Bay and on Kodiak Island.

The Chinooks or kings were caught with J-plugs and cut plug herring in a 150 feet of water around a rock pile. Halibut and yelloweye fishing has also been very good over this time frame.

Great Friends have a fantastic Alaska fishing vacation!

Pat Benn and Lew Becker traveled to our Alaska fishing lodge for some relaxation and wilderness fishing.
Pat Benn and Lew Becker traveled to our Alaska fishing lodge for some relaxation and wilderness fishing.

June 16, 2013 – Pat Benn and Lew Becker, friends for a great part of their lives traveled to our Alaska fishing lodge for some relaxation and wilderness fishing. They caught fish all four days they were here including King salmon, halibut and yelloweye rockfish.

Pat and lew put our Shimano and Diawa fishing rods and reels through their paces as they caught lots of fish all four days they were at Kodiak Island Resort, one of the best fishing lodges in Kodiak and Alaska.

Kodiak Resort adds Greenhouse for those with Green Thumbs!

Kodiak Island Resort's Greenhouse on a sunny morning....
Kodiak Island Resort’s Greenhouse on a sunny morning….

June 1, 2013 – Kodiak Island Resort constructed an 8′ x 12′ greenhouse to take advantage of the long summer days in Alaska. We get almost 20 hours of sunlight during the mid-summer months and this provides a great growing season for vegetables, herbs and flowers. Normally the greenhouse will be about 20 degrees warmer than the outside air temperature and coupled with the long sunny days we get lots of great veggies and herbs daily. Many of our guests enjoy relaxing in or around the greenhouse after a long day of fishing.

Kodiak brown bears also stop buy the greenhouse checking out all the freshly grown vegtables and flowers.

May Spring King Special!! Kings, Halibut & Tanner Crabs

Spring Kings with plenty of halibut and yelloweye rockfish!

June 4, 2013 – Scott & Malcom Hughesdon and Stewart Scott’s family of anglers from Florida

A limit of Spring King Salmon and early season halibut !!!!
A limit of Spring King Salmon and early season halibut !!!!

came to fish at Kodiak Island Resort the last week of May  The group was not disappointed as they consistently caught limits of halibut, yelloweye rockfish, king salmon and Tanner crabs.

Ocean and bay fishing in and around Larsen Bay is always productive but the diversity sets it apart from any other village on Kodiak Island or the Kenai peninsular. There is not only a diversity of fishing here in Larsen bay but also an abundance. No where else in Alaska can fish and crabs be caught with the consistency as found on Kodiak Island, especially around Larsen Bay.

Alaska Flightseeing at Kodiak Island Resort

Float plane takes Kodiak Resort guests Flightseeing.....
Float plane takes Kodiak Resort guests Flightseeing…..

May 1-2012 – Guests at Kodiak Island Resort often add a Alaska flightseeing charter to their wilderness adventure. Float planes can be chartered to pickup lodge guests right from our beach to take guests to all of the great sightseeing locations near our lodge. Favorite client sites include Geographic Bay, Frazier Lake,  Karluk River and Halo Bay.  All of these locations offer great bear viewing opportunities as well as spectacular scenery and world class salmon.

Many Alaska fishing lodges offer flightseeing but no where is there a better place to see the varieties of wildlife and majestic scenery as Kodiak Island. These flight seeing trips not only allow guests to see areas of Kodiak from a different perspective but the memories from these trips will last a lifetime. See for yourself why we think Kodiak Island Alaska is one of the very special places in all the world.

New Head of Outside Security Appointed……

May 15, 2013 Abby, a 2 year old Irish Jack Russell Terrier has been named head of outside security for Kodiak Island Resort. Abby is very resourceful and creative when it comes to ferreting out interlopers and un-invited guests, especially the 4-legged kind. Almost all fishing lodges in Alaska have security systems but few are as compact an efficient as ours.

Abby has had numerous encounters with foxes, land otters,  short tail weasels and even a moose. She has proven very efficient in warding off interlopers or notifying the staff of arrivals by guests and friends. Abby  does have one short coming,  she is easily bribed with dog treats. Other than the one short coming she has proven to be exactly what was needed to keep everyone aware of the outside comings and goings around the lodge.Abby007011