Alaska Vacation Planner


Upon booking your Alaska Sport-fishing or Hunting Adventure to Kodiak Island Resort we promptly mail a travel “Guest Planner’ form that enables us to have your sport-fishing license prepared prior to your arrival, alert the gourmet chef of any dietary restrictions and give attention to your special requests. Our special effort to customize your vacation truly distinguishes our operation from others. <<read more>>

Bear Viewing

Alaska is home to over 98 percent of our country’s brown bear population with Kodiak having more than it’s fair share. Bear viewing from Kodiak Island Resort takes you to some of the best and most spectacular locations to view Kodiak Brown Bears anywhere.

Bear Watching Video – Kodiak Island, Alaska Viewing bears in their natural habitat at Kodiak Island Resort is a truly awesome experience.

Grizzlies and brown bears are part of the same Alaska bear family. The term brown bear is usually given to bears that reside in Alaska coastal areas, while grizzlies usually reside inland. <<read more>>