Alaska Vacation Planner


Upon booking your Alaska Sport-fishing or Hunting Adventure to Kodiak Island Resort we promptly mail a travel “Guest Planner’ form that enables us to have your sport-fishing license prepared prior to your arrival, alert the gourmet chef of any dietary restrictions and give attention to your special requests. Our special effort to customize your vacation truly distinguishes our operation from others. We ask our guests to mail back the planning forms and a copy of the airline itinerary. Leaving Home You will be contacted a few days prior to the beginning of your fishing adventure to Kodiak Island Resort. This gives you the last minute opportunity to share any special requests prior to the commencement of your adventure.

Arrival in Alaska and Kodiak Island Resort

When you arrive in Alaska At Kodiak Island Resort we are committed to providing the highest quality adventure for our clients. As with any remote destination, a “hassle-free” travel experience is an important part of your vacation. To make sure you have no surprises during your flights to and from Kodiak Island Resort please take a moment to read information that follows.

Some of our trip packages include round-trip charter air service from Anchorage to the Lodge in Larsen Bay. One of the most important factors in flying throughout Alaska is weight. On these flights we allow for the weight of the passenger, plus 50 pounds of luggage and one box of fish of 50 lbs on the return flight to Anchorage. On flights from Kodiak to Larsen Bay we allow for the weight of the passenger, transportation of two 50 pound boxes of fish and 50 pounds of personal luggage. Most first-time travelers tend to over pack, so please bring only what you will need. Note: Arrival into Alaska extra baggage between Kodiak and Larsen bay is about .80 per pound.

If you wish to go over the listed weights or want to bring more fish home, all related expenses will be your responsibility. There are several options available; For example, you may choose to send your clothing home via the U.S. Mail. A second option is to upgrade the aircraft to accommodate more weight.

If you are flying through Kodiak City be aware that local scheduled flights allow for the passenger and 50lbs only: additional weight is charged at a rate of $.80 cents per pound. The major airlines will list weight allowances on their websites and additional weight is solely your responsibility.

For additional information or to charter direct, you may wish to contact the following charter companies:

  • Alaska Airlines: (800) 252-7522
  • Island Air Services: (800) 478-6196 or (907) 487-4596

Kodiak to Larsen Bay

Alaska’s Emerald Island! Kodiak Airport is a small, friendly, and easy to get around airport. Upon your arrival, contact your charter plane operator (ISLAND AIR 1-800-478-6196) check in your luggage, and confirm the flight schedule to Larsen Bay. The flight to Larsen Bay is approximately 30 minutes in duration. Typically the flights will depart Kodiak around 5:30PM. Enjoy the spectacular scenery along the way! Many guests plan to arrive a day or two early so they can explore Kodiak or the surrounding countryside. Our staff will greet and assist you with your luggage when you arrive upon your arrival in Larsen Bay.

Welcome to our paradise!

After getting situated at the lodge, we invite our guests to an informal orientation, where we introduce the lodge staff, discuss our lodge’s special features and services, and give our guides an opportunity to discuss fishing and answer any questions you may have. We encourage you to inform us of anything we can do to make you a bit more comfortable. Now settle in and enjoy one of the lodge’s delicious dinners.

Fishing Days

The day of fishing ends at about 4:30PM; this allows time for you to freshen up and swap a few fish stories during “happy hour” prior to dinner. Dinner is served at 7:00 PM.


Summer temperatures range between 50 – 70 degrees F, so bring warm layered clothing, wool socks, hat, and light weight gloves. The lodge does have some raingear but we suggest you bring your own whenever possible. Don’t forget your sunglasses and sunscreen.

Alcoholic Beverages

Larsen Bay does not permit the sale of alcoholic beverages. Guests should either bring your favorite liquor or plan to purchase what you like at the liquor store near the Kodiak airport. The lodge provides ice, mixers and soft drinks in the wet bar for your enjoyment.

Lodge Facilities

The recreation area has a wet bar, satellite television, VCR/DVD, movies, card table and kayaks for your enjoyment. There is a good selection of nature tapes and books about Alaska. You can also hook up your video camera to view your daily fishing action if you wish. The lodge has six guest bedrooms, each with private bathrooms, showers, and two full size beds per room.


Please travel light and keep your personal baggage to 50 pounds or less. We suggest the use of duffel bags which are easier to pack on the float planes than a suitcase.


Alaska‚Äôs Kodiak Island Resort will not be responsible or liable for any loss, damage or injury to participants, personal property, or for any cancellations, expenses or delays incurred as a result of weather, transportation or other conditions over which we have no control. Management reserves the right to withdraw and/or cancel any excursions offered at any time and make changes in itineraries as may be necessary for safety and proper handling of said excursions. All guests have a responsibility to disclose to management any special medical, physical or dietary conditions. We make no compromise to assure a safe trip; however, outdoor activities of this nature are not entirely “risk free”. We recommend that you secure “Travel and Trip Cancellation Insurance” to protect against unforeseen circumstances. Check with your insurance broker for options on this type insurance. All rates are subject to change without notice but will not change once booking is confirmed.