Joey T. | As posted on tripadvisor

27 July 2013

2 colleagues and myself stayed at the Kodiak Lodge Resort for 5 nights and 4 full days of fishing. It was more than a vacation, it was an experience of a lifetime. The fishing was unreal. We caught halibut, 5 different species of cod, salmon, and toad fish (better known as ‘mother-in-law fish). Perhaps the most memorable part of the fishing trips was eating sashimi on the boat. Eating freshly caught fish that was prepared raw by our friendly crew. Speaking of which, we had 2 outstanding crew members (Joe and Hunter) who really knew how to take care of us, and knew where to find the fish. Both Joe and Hunter are clearly seasoned veterans of the Larsen Bay, and we were fortunate and honored to have them as our guides. We caught over 100 fish a day. It got to the point where we wanted to go somewhere else to catch less fish so we can enjoy the spectacular scenery which included whales, seals, dolphins, and an incredible view of the lush and snowy mountains. Fishing was only one of the many attractions of our experience. The food was outstanding. I’ve been to many fine restaurants across the world and the food was comparable to any 5 star restaurant. Now on to the staff. The staff at Kodiak Resort was exceptional. April is an angel who was very attentive and accommodating. Since I’m a rather picky eater, she packed a special lunch for me every morning which included soy sauce and wasabi so we can enjoy eating sashimi on the boat. All other staff members were just as nice and enjoyable. Allen, the owner, thought of every little detail when creating his island of paradise including high speed Internet, cable TV, comfortable beds and linens, perfectly designed and very comfortable fishing boat, etc. Overall, we couldn’t be happier with our experience. This was our first time to Alaska and look forward to many more memorable trips to the Kodiak Resort.